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Medoben is summit of a beautiful mountain located on north of Iran.

How can we help you?

Medoben  is a marketing agency that offers a suite of services to help businesses. We offer marketing planning, social media marketing,  brand management, event planning, photography and public relations, graphic design and promotional products, and anything else you can think of that you might need to help your business grow.

Marketing & Branding

Your brand is your reputation. With our graphic design department we offer exceptional brand management and collateral. We design for startups and corporates alike. We helps you stand out of competition by branding strategy.

Advertising Managment

We built creative campaigns across digital and traditional media. Our range of expertise includes media planning and buying, creative and implementation.

Creativity & Design

In a professional set-up, creativity takes the form of graphic design – a popular service that businesses widely use to build a better brand. We design ads, logos, brochures, signage, billboards and anything else you can possibly imagine.

Social Media Management

Social media is a hotbed of opportunity. It’s great for attracting new customers. It’s also ideal for creating deeper loyalty within an established customer base and sparking conversation around the brand. Best of all, social media marketing is a brilliant way to drive sales.

Photography & Movie Services

People love to say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and there’s a reason for that. Movies tell a story. They capture what words can’t. When it comes to telling people about your business, sometimes the best answer is not to tell them, but to show them. Powerful imagery sells. With our expert photography services, you can be assured that your product, service, or business is represented visually in the most compelling way possible.

Event Managment

Events are a great way for any business to interact with their wider audience, but only if they are done right. Events have a lot of moving parts and deadlines that have to be met, and that’s not counting the actual marketing of the event itself. We can help with it all, from working with event vendors and coordinators and creating beautiful event collateral, to marketing through press, social media, and advertising.

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